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Sara graduated from Cracow Jagiellonian University (pedagogy – culture animation). During her studies, she took active participation in the organisation of Cracow Science Festival aimed at promoting the University and encouraging the kids to become students our school in future.

Her knowledge on the psychological and physical development of a child is impressive. She is familiar with the methodology of Maria Montessori and Francois Dolto. Working with kids seems to be an extremely fascinating, educating and inspiring task for her. She has been working with kids at the age ranging from 5 months up to 7 years. She is very creative, positive and she can easily establish positive relations with kids. She perfectly knows how to organise a child’s free time and she is very willing on spending spare time outdoors. According to Sara, long walks are the greatest opportunity to teach the kids about nature. Such knowledge is usually delivered through interesting stories about plants and animals. Sara believes that world is a fascinating and friendly place. Any obstacles and problems should be considered as a good lesson and an opportunity to facilitate the development process. She is an enthusiast of active and creative fun which develops the child’s curiosity of the world, she can teach the child, however does not exhaust the kid. In her opinion, the best education can be achieved through experience and fun. She often jokes that actually her childhood was like the one from the novels written by Astrid Lindgren which is why she is very keen on providing similar environment for the kids she takes care of.

            Moreover, she assumes that childhood is a special time for kids. It is the time when individual characteristics and a positive attitude can be shaped. It should be the time of learning skills, it should be full of joy and making sure that active lifestyle and education can bring very positive results in future.

            Her passion is art, in particular, drawing, graphics, illustrations and applied art. She can draw which is why she creates illustrated stories for kids and also designs different things (applied arts). In the year 2000 she had her debut at the Young Artists Exhibition organised by Association of the Creators and Enthusiasts of Culture in Poznan. In 2004 her works were published in local magazine “Kwartalnik Wrzesiński”.  Throughout her studies, she practiced her drawing skills and in 2012 she developed her passion in Salwator Artist Studio at the painting and drawing course, as well as at the interior architecture and design course.

            She loves organising art workshops for kids involving painting, drawing, modeling, sculptures, toys making. She believes that “through art, you can develop sensitivity and patience. Creating art works lets the kids relax and get in touch with their inner self. As the children can see the results of their work in the form of a painting or a hand-made doll, they can see their causative force which builds up the self-confidence and brings a great satisfaction”.

What can give her the greatest fun? “When working with kids, the best reward is the child’s trust, ability to observe his/her development and being able to support at the most important stage of their lives. Although I have been working with kids for quite a long time and I met many of them, I treat every kid as a special one. It is always a surprise and a fascinating discovery to see how many positive emotions a child can cause”.


"We are surrounded by music and we just need to show children the way to discover it. However we may not kill the creativity hidden in each of them"

Anna specializes in performance of music compositions from the era of Renaissance and early Baroque on viola da gamba. She graduated from the Music Academy in Cracow, Hochschule für Musik in Leipzig and Jagiellonian University. She is interested in German-language treatises from the 16th century. Since the 90s she has been running numerous music workshops, paying particular attention to performance of old music, and exhibitions of old and forgotten instruments, including lectures. She also teaches playing cello, viola da gamba and she runs music classes for younger children.Anna is an author of articles on music and methodology and of the first Polish-language pamphlet ”Broken consort, the most popular instruments of the Renaissance era” based on the 16th century treatises. In the years 1996-2001 she was a co-organizer and the Art Director of the Old Music Festival in Żywiec during which she ran classes with youth and performed on stage. Her second hobby is taking care of the animals which are her companions in everyday life and work.

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