Step by step

Accepting, recognizing and discussing your needs, with particular focus on the needs and a character of a child.


Selecting the Governesses (usually 2 weeks, depending on availability of the Governesses). All the Governesses went through job interviews during which they were strictly examined by a psychologist who cooperates with our company on a permanent basis. The subject of the examination were their psychological and social competences. Only the candidates who obtained very good psychological opinion may be taken into consideration during the recruitment process.


Recommending the candidates selected by our company (report with photo and profile of the proposed Governesses).


Making an appointment of the family with the Governess chosen by us.


After the Governess is accepted by you and by children, we jointly agree upon terms and conditions of employment, working hours, scope of responsibilities and the date of commencement of work.


Commencement of work of the Governess in your family.


We invite you to enjoy our services.

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